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While it's awfully early to make any predictions, the first four days of March have been pretty good .  I'm at level 3 so my share of the sales were far lower than I hoped but I've had two ODs, one SO (tiny) and two ELs (both smaller than I ever would have expected) plus a number of "high" subscription sales (.73 and .56) .  However, it's a much better start to the month than what I experienced the first two months of this year.  Let's hope this continues!   

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Very similar to me.  The only differences are that I have 462 fewer downloads than you.  Exactly the same figures as you, but the digits are ordered differently.  So, for me, the 0 comes first then th

So your wife is my only chance to overtake you in a piddly 385 years. Can I have her address?

Sales yes. 10c after 10c after 10c.  

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10 minutes ago, Charles Lewis said:

I did, which makes the beginning of this month all the more strange. It's like sales just fell off a cliff.

Yep, that's exactly what happened with my port last month and again so far this month. It's not explained by the new contributor payments either as the system has been in effect for some months. But just like you said, sales just dropped off a cliff. In particular in my case, videos. Also, a lot more 10 cent garbage than previously too.   

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So, only 1.6 million contributors:

"Today, I’m proud to share that Shutterstock has launched “All The Best Artists,” the first artist-focused campaign where we celebrate the visionary work of photographers, videographers, and illustrators from around the world that make up our rich and diverse 1.6 million contributor community". 



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19 hours ago, paula french said:

March very slow for me - I've recently started uploading to P5, so hoping I get a few sales there to boost my income!.

February for me was a terrible month - I just about made my payout - which is the first time I've been that close to no payout for about 5 years.

Looks like your results are much like mine.

Good move on uploading to P5, I found them a bit slow at first but it does pick up and each download pays much better. 👌  

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My sales volume continues to be terrible. Downloads are at about 25% of what they should be and what they were in January and February. I'm actually wondering if there is a glitch in the system and sales are not getting reported.

Or maybe there has been a change in the algorithm and that is hurting volume.

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