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what lights do you need for food videography

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I'm not a video expert but in my photographic experience, two lights produce much better lighting than just one.  Given this, I would suggest buying at least one additional light.  I won't necessarily suggest you switch to Godox but I would add a more powerful light with Barndoors.  If you like your Yongnuo, they sell the YN600L  that is more powerful and has light directing doors as well.  It is more expensive but I think you'll see a significant improvement in your video lighting.

Hopefully, a video expert will add his comments.    

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not a video expert either, but I do a lot of studio work with vintage (pre-WWII) cameras with no electronics. So I have no choice than to use Continuous lights

I bought a kit from GVM. These are 80 watt and daylight balanced. The Godox equivalent is 60W and more is better in this case. (They have stepless dimmers) These light also get a lot get better reviews than the Godox ones

For my Flash photography I use Godox Bare bulb speed lights, which are fantastic. (not for video obviously)

Instead of using the umbrellas, I purchased another (very nice btw) softbox from Neewer, which is exactly the same as the GVM one for $35.00 or so and I bought a snoot for the 4th light. The lights are Bowens compatible, so plenty of options

I have it for a while now and I love it.  I think they are a lot more versatile than panels, which are very limited for general use, light direction control, light modifiers,  etc.. and it comes with some backgrounds and stand, which also comes in handy and you can't beat the price




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32 minutes ago, Doug McLean said:

A lot of what is in Karl Taylor's video would apply:


It is for photos, but you would need to replace the flashes with strong continuous light if shooting video.

Either way, it is very informative and helpful for any sort of studio work.

Yes. Nice video and it makes my case for the versatility of monolight style lights and softboxes / light modifiers

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