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Approved footages are still not visible in my portfolio after 20 days...

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I have 16 footages that were reviewed and accepted the 6th and the 7th of February and are still not visible in my portfolio after almost 20 days.
I can see a preview icons of all these footages in my "reviewed" section but when I click on details it shows this error message: 

{"error":"Error getting media F1066914451 Preview URL not found for media 'F1066914451'"}

Here are the ID numbers of all these accepted footages:

1066886359,  1066886920,  1066911856,  1066910794,  1066913398,  1066911868,  1066911964,  1066912231,  1066912234,  1066914604,  1066913479,  1066912750,  1066912738,  1066914046,  1066913257,  1066914451

Could you please fix this issue? 

Thanks in advance

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I experience the same problem - several days after review accepted videos do not appear in my portfolio and catalog manager. I know other people experiencing the same problem with the new content. No official message, no announcement or e-mail to inform about this problem. What happens, Shuttestock? May we have any reaction from admin team?

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@Kate Shutterstockdo we know when this will be fixed? I also have videos that have been accepted that have not made it to my portfolio. First few were accepted more than 72 hours ago.


1068153953 accepted 2/28/21

1068169046 accepted 2/28/21

1068169010 accepted 2/28/21

1068168878 accepted 2/28/21


1068201455 accepted 3/01/21

1068190571 accepted 3/01/21

1068263546 accepted 3/01/21


1068274655 accepted 3/02/21

1068280802 accepted 3/02/21

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One day I had an image which, accepted, was not in the portfolio, after a month, I abandoned the case .... (several emails) The worst thing is that could not propose it again, it was refused for the reason that "this file had already been accepted" .....
Three or four months later, during a routine check, I found it as if by magic ... Conclusion, if the problem one day reproduces ... I would close my eyes ... and go my way . 🙄🙃

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