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How do you upload multiple keywords directly with image upload?

To put in the keywords directly in the image upload process I´d like to directly upload lets say 10 keywords to a specific image within the shutterstock upload program. Can´t figure out if that is possible though. Input of one time each takes time and I´d prefer to have them in word or excel for example, so it easier to copy paste from other pictures.


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You need to attach the keywords to the image itself before you upload to SS. Then when you upload the image the keywords upload with it. 

There are various ways of doing it. There's lots of different software that you can use to do it. Things like Bridge, Lightroom, Stocksubmitter, Xpiks etc. Have a look at whatever editing software you are using, that might already do it. It's also possible to do it in windows, by right clicking on the image > properties > details > tags. Fill in the tags section which will upload as keywords. That works but is slow. Best to use software designed to do it easily.

Doing this means you only have to keyword once, the keywords stay with the image, so if you have to upload again or to other agencies now or in the future you don't have to keep repeating the keyword process.

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