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Show "Authentic Images" buyer search option.

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So can anyone from support explain what this new search option is and how it affects contributors?


What on earth is "Only authentic" ?

What process decides if an image is authentic or not?  Artificial Stupidity? Reviewers that give rejections as "Silver Halide dust"?

It produces different results when clicked but no explanation at all as to what.

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A few dictionary definitions:

'being what it is claimed to be; genuine: '

'If something is authentic, it is real, true, or what people say it is':

'Of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine'.

For literal people like myself, that's what it means to me.  For example, if I upload a genuine 1930's photo to a site 'authentic' is one of my keywords.  Buy in any case, as far as I am concerned, all of my images fit the categories above.

However, in the world of Sstock, who knows?  I only know that it's not in any of my keywords on Sstock - I wonder whether its lack as a keyword would detrimentally affect the finding of images by buyers.

I would love to know how Sstock has managed to separate the 'authentic' images from the 'inauthentic'.

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Here's a question:

If you have a plastic duck photo on Sstock, is it:

a)  'inauthentic' because it is not a real duck or

b) 'authentic' because it is a real plastic duck?

That said, I assume this term is actually much more applicable to, and aimed at, modelled lifestyle images (which essentially aren't actually authentic if they are using models) ...

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Would be nice to know (i) what authentic means here and (ii) who/what decides it.

I did wonder if it could refer to photoshopped images but on some areas i know, toggling authentic ON, the top images are ones i know are photoshopped (because i know the person who made them).

Would be nice if SS actually bothered telling contributors about new search filters so they'd know and can act accordingly.

I really hope they haven't employed the Artificial Stupidity to decide what photos are authentic or not.  You know, the same system that wants a model release for clouds or a tattoo release for wooden piers...


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Looking at the difference between 'only authentic' and 'not' it seems to me to be an excellent way of confusing buyers. The difference in what you get served up by clicking on 'only authentic' seems nonsensical.

If I do it for 'duck', I first get mostly pics of live ducks + a few plastic bath ducks and and with 'only authentic', I get live ducks + cooked and sliced duck straight out th' oven + one plastic bath duck. Seems a bit ducky daft to me! 🙃

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