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Anyone else only getting 10 cents (US) for images and 26 cents (US) for videos?

Shutterstock has not responded to inquiries as to whether they are also accepting only a few cents per download.  It is unethical and likely illegal for Shutterstock to accept $79 per video while only paying out $0.26.

Additionally there has been concerns raised that Shutterstock may be knowingly allowing the illegal inclusion of content into non creator/copyright-owner accounts.

As a result of the extortion tactics enacted by Shutterstock I have not submitted new content for the past year, and am working out the issues of possibly removing my content entirely.  Although it has been hinted that my content is illegally generating revenue for Shutterstock through theft or bogus accounts.

My hope with this topic is that a critical mass of contributors will force Shutterstock to reverse their extortion activities and reimburse to all contributors retroactive earnings, and move forward with ethical practices and greater efforts to ensure that content is not used without the copyright holders knowledge and monetary benefit.

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Sorry you're a bit late, you missed the bandwagon i'm afraid, Theres actually a fair few pages on this already, About 300 of them in fact.

Everyone went through the motions and by all accounts it appears Shutterstocks official policy is deaf ears/no comment.

Additionally, the contributers position is outrage, but not outrage enough to remove their content and make a real stand.

Sad times, but basically a contributors only real option is to close account and move to other microstock sites.

Personally I joined here just as this was all kicking off, I uploaded a few test images from my libraries and am just lurking to watch the slow burning dumpster fire, in the hope that it's extinguished.

I haven't noticed any Firefighters in sight though.

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