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Hi everyone! New contributor here looking for advice on how to improve my photography (and increase downloads). Currently, I've had about 3 downloads and have 130 images and 5 videos in my port. Here's the link: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Jade+Prevost-Manuel

Are my pictures competitive enough for today's SS market? Do I need to edit or compose them better? Am I taking pictures of the wrong things? How can I make my pictures better and where am I falling short? 

Appreciate any advice. Cheers, looking forward to connecting with this community. 


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  • Jade Prevost Manuel changed the title to New contributor seeking advice on how to improve

I'd agree with the above, they're all under exposed.

Are you editing on a properly calibrated screen?  If not i guess you're editing on a monitor with the brightness turned up too high so they look OK to you but are in reality too dark.

Titles and keywords look OK.

Ultimately though you need thousands of images to see useful regular sales and it takes time.  There's a lag of months before uploading a load of images and see some of them start taking off in any real way.


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