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3 minutes ago, Travers Lewis said:

Last January I had 200 photos in port and got 16 downloads

This January I have over 1000 photos in port, got 36 downloads and earned half as much as last year.

That sounds like what the sad state of Shutterstock is for contributors while management is ecstatic with the stock price that doubled since the new system.

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Income for 2020 is slightly higher (+10%) than for 2019 which was 35% down on 2018. Monthly average $ from June > December 2020 was 10% down on January > May 2020.

Average monthly downloads June>December 2020 up 10% on average monthly downloads January>May 2020. Have added virtually no new images in 2019 &2020.

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On 1/27/2021 at 3:06 AM, Andrew Burgess said:

Hi all, I suspended my account last year when the new ridiculous rates were introduced. If anyone stayed the course can you share if your earning stayed shit or evened out over the year? 

Regards, Andrew 

We all make more than you do? Just a fine point for the discussion?

bartcrap.gifI made less, I got many of those 10¢ downloads, my ODs and Singles went up in value. But they didn't make up for the losses from the Subs.

Ask again in another year? 😉

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