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Old account still active and being used even though it was cancelled

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Not sure if anyone has had this happen to them before. I used to have a Shutterstock account that i opened in 2019. I deleted/removed all the photos and deleted my account because i wasn't getting many if any sales. I went to the trouble of cancelling everything. Then since COVID19 happened i thought i might try again, i opened up a new account and started uploading my photos but i kept getting error messages saying "Previously Submitted Content: This image has already been submitted to Shutterstock." Which is strange to me, as i said previously i deleted and removed my old photos and account. I then sent emails to customer service to try to rectify the issue, eventually they understood what i was saying and said i have two account active! Which was obviously really annoying on two parts, one because it seems Shutterstock may have been selling my images even though my account and photos should've been removed from the system and two, i don't have that old email address anymore as it was a paid email service that i was using back then. I tried to login but it seems most likely because it had been a long time since i have accessed it, it asked to reset the password and a link would be sent to the paid email service that i no longer have! I then following up with customer service via email countless times to explain everything in great detail but they now say i need to supply a photo of myself with my photo ID to gain access to an account and photos that should not even be active! Incredibly frustrating, seems very risky to be supplying a photo of myself with ID with all the cyber hacking and identity/financial fraud happening not to mention being pretty pissed off that my previous account is still active! Can anyone suggest an alternative or has this happened to anyone else here before? Thanks

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If you have no unpaid earnings you can close your contributor account by clicking "Delete account" in your Account Settings, after which you will be asked to confirm the request with your password. We will start deleting your information from our systems.


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