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I had a lovely black and white photo accepted a few months ago (pestle and mortar).  Today I decided to upload the colour version but it was rejected.  This doesn't make sense. 

The main subject is out of focus or is not in focus due to camera shake, motion blur, overuse of noise reduction, or technical limitations of the equipment used (e.g. autofocus searching, camera sensor quality, etc).

It's the same photo in colour !!  Identical, same RAW file.  If one is out of focus then so is the other !!

Also submitted some photos of garden birds, all the same resolution and quality, some accepted, others not due to "noise" or "moire" even though they are almost all identical.

There seems to be no consistency in the moderation :(



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3 hours ago, Darla Hallmark said:

Black and white often looks sharper than color.  Reds and browns in particular bleed their luminance across edges.

I have occasionally saved slightly soft focused images by reducing the saturation.



Correcto Perfecto! I've had color images rejected until I finally gave up and made a B&W version, which not only is accepted but sells. I don't do many like that, but sometimes a subject will work in B&W because of CA or browns that look like dirt or noise.

I did rescue some color shots years ago by darkening highlights, that cleaned up the edges and made them look sharper.

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One trick I've used for an image that I really liked, but was just a tad soft, is to posterize the color only. 

I don't know how it works in other programs, but in Corel, I make a duplicate layer, posterize it to a level that looks good (not too intense) and set the layer to color only.  Then I adjust that layer's transparency to the best appearance (usually 50% is just right)

This won't fix images that are clearly out of focus, but it will sharpen marginal photos.


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