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Venus de Milo statue rejected - Mature content designation missing :-D

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Hello everyone!

I want share my latest experience with the review process. It seems controlled mostly by AI algorithm not well designed and trained.

I submitted two video footage made in AE with a 3D model of Venus de Milo rotating over a glitched background.

Both footage was rejected because i didn't checked them as "Mature Content". I wouldn't, is a classic art masterpiece not a soft porn footage!

Someone had a similar experience? Any tips to avoid rejection?



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5 minutes ago, Paolo De Gasperis said:

Someone had a similar experience?

I don't shoot famous things because they don't exist where I live.


However, I do have an image of the after-spay stitches on my cat's belly. SS decided that it needed a mature content designation, and now no buyer can ever find it because WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would think to check the mature content box for searching a picture of stitches?

So an over zealous reviewer decided that my image is not fit for viewing, and thus it won't be sold, because the other similar ones from other people can actually be found as they're not marked as "mature content".

Yay 😐

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Ok the meanings of "nudity" could be a semantic problem 🙂

This is a statue, an iconic masterpieces not a woman without bra. Anyway i will submit these footage on other platform.

Reading the Shutterstock guidelines about "Mature content" is funny to discover that this https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1286977-human-bladder-anatomy-pelvis-spine-blue-orange will be not classified as "nudity" and this neither https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-8447119-naked-man-walking-winter-on-snow-spreads


But a stone statue reproduced in 3D model could be filtered in safe search because is a mature content! 😂 🤣

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On 1/15/2021 at 7:11 PM, Firn said:

it could be worse....


Ahahaha scandalous pugs!!! :D

This AI doesn't work very well. This happens when SS decides (i suppose) to delegate the review process to a machine.

Next step i will try for fun to upload something that seems a couple of nipples.

Let see if it will rejected because should be submitted as "mature content" resource.



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