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What software for keywording?

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Hello, I use Lightroom to develop my RAW files, but not to keyword them. I select only few of finished photos to upload to SS, so I don't need all to be keyworded. When I type the keywords in "keywords" box in the file preferences window, they don't show up when uploaded to SS https://showbox.bio/ https://tutuapp.uno/.

So I'm looking for some easy-to-use software (preferably freeware) to do my keywording fast and easy for selected group of photos.


Thanks for your suggestions!

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I use a program called Photo Mechanic, which is designed for news photojournalists to rename and caption photos on deadlines.  It has a built in captioning engine where you can put pre-set strings of keywords in.  Makes keywording a snap.  

As an aside, I've noticed on my list of top sales, many don't have any keywords shown, so I'm figuring that it's probably more important to get a well written caption.

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