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[New User] Can I get some help with understanding why certain pictures were rejected?

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Hello everyone,

I signed up to Shutterstock today and uploaded what are basically my best images from the past ten years of casual photography. While some were accepted the vast majority were rejected. Now for most of the images I can totally see what they're talking about, whether they're ever so slightly out of focus or a touch too much grain, but with some of the photos I just can't see what they're talking about. Especially when I compare them to the images that were accepted. The first three I've attached are images that were accepted (black-headed gull, barn owl, leaf), the last three are ones that were rejected for focus (peregrine, brown bird, bumblebee). I just want to understand the methodology here really.

Thanks in advance,



IMG_9684 Edit 2.jpg

Pinterest 2.jpg



Pinterest 1.jpg

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Look at the answers In    

Before I upload I zoom in in my photos. When the important part isn't sharp than, they are often rejected. Sometimes you have luck. Sometimes when I have doubts about the rejections I try it for a second time. Sometimes with success.

Completely blurred (the leaf) is more often accepted than slightly blurred.

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