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On 1/12/2021 at 2:24 AM, Artem Atem said:


I want to know how to ownload all of my photos on Shutterstock.

Just in case.


Nope, you can't actually do that. Make your own backups as you go along. They will be very likely to be useful in the future.

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17 minutes ago, Linda Bestwick said:

HodagMedia is right, you can't do it. SS is not a storage system so you have to backup your own images. Downloading your own images is actually against the TOS, so you can't even buy your own images without risking having your port and account closed.


Yup, I wasn't going to mention that but you're right. I think it's been tried by a former contributor. ☠️

Back in the early days, honestly speaking, someone tried that. They had someone else buy a 1 month subscription, figuring the payback would be more than the cost. Problems is, SS isn't that stupid. So the players lost the investment and the artist had his account closed for Unusual Activity.

Home backup or cloud or whatever anyone thinks is best, but you can't download your own images from here or most of the others. I think a couple still allow that, but I'm not sure of the size and quality, which kind of defeats the purpose?


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33 minutes ago, paula french said:

Don't see the point in buying your own images - surely it's costing you more than you make!

Old days, old pay scale. Someone could buy a subscription and download the maximum every day for a month and come out ahead. No I don't think that would work anymore. 😁

That's part of the reason we got adjusted down. Not saying that legitimate buyers, always use all their allotment and not suggesting that artists were buying their own either. Just that simple math, SS was paying us, for some of those big 750 packs, over 300% more than they charged.

If there was any potential hole is the system, that has been plugged.

But looking at what you just wrote, maybe the ban on buying ones own images could be lifted since the only people making money are the company? Interesting point.

You could buy your own images back for 33 cents each with a monthly pack, 750 a month, get paid 10 cents and the end cost would be 23c an image to recover 750 lost images. Someone tell SS, they could make money by selling us our own images! I mean a serious plan would be, anyone can buy their own entire collection for 25c an image. No commission paid.


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