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Personal information not updating and can not contact support

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Good day 


My display name is Tom Clarke and i am a contributor on ss website. Today i was trying to update my personal information relating to my public profile page but i could not update my location status alongside the tagline and other fields except for the biography section and i could not update my profile photo as well. I tried to contact support to try and get help from them but the email could not be sent to support once i had chosen the "other" field in the support request form. Is there anyone in the support forum who can help me out with this problem.


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I have the same problem. 

From the 'Profile Personalization' options, I could only add a profile photo, but no matter how many times I change any content/information in any of the boxes below, nothing changes.

I see no answer to the two posts above. I hope someone can actually check this thread out and help us out.



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