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Just made it to the Level 2!!!

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18 hours ago, Former_Poster said:

That first 0.10 at level 2 will feel so much more motivating than the 0.10 at level 1.

And just as much joy and the Wow factor as getting 10¢ for a sub at level 4?

Complaining just makes for boring, redundant conversation, which is not really of any use, and doesn't change anything.

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26 minutes ago, Boky said:

Where can I see how many downloads I need to reach new level? I can not find anywhere on site. 


On your contributor page, it shows lifetime earnings by default. Go to the right and click on level




Underneath that on the right hand side is an option to see more about levels



When you click on that, the chart pops up with the different levels.



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