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My small success story to share with fellow contributors here. At the end of October last year, I decided to open an online shop on et- si* and I guess you know why I need to do this since SS

Judging by the number of downloads this month I am hoping to reach Level 2 by the time I am 103.

Hiya fellow contributors I hope everyone is doing well and celebrating the windfalls from your micro-stock sales and the personal wealth and prosperity it brings you. For my year-to-date sa

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12 hours ago, Wilm Ihlenfeld said:

Well, today the washing machine collapsed. Not that that's a big problem in view of the gigantic income at shutterstock. But I decided to postpone the purchase of Versailles for a day or two. Is that okay with you?

Your washing machine is more important than buying Versailles Wilm.  Maybe we should settle for a dolls house on microstock earnings...

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On 1/18/2021 at 10:10 PM, Sari ONeal said:

since our prevailing winds are more or less from West, it shouldn't be that hard to get a hot air balloon, and take a little flight over the continent and the ocean. That would be so scenic! Think of the photo-ops and videos that could be captured along the way! :D

Having read 'Enduring Love' by Ian McEwan and seen the film, with regard to the beginning, I would never, ever set foot in a hot air balloon, romantic as the idea may be...

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8 minutes ago, Studio 2 said:

Your washing machine is more important than buying Versailles Wilm.  Maybe we should settle for a dolls house on microstock earnings...

Sounds like a realistic alternative there, Debbie!
Maybe I'll ask my daughter or son if they can make a cardboard dollhouse. If I save up for a few more months, I should be able to finance cardboard and glue. We'll be building on a scale of 1 : 100 - so we won't need as much material.

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1 hour ago, Sari ONeal said:

I got a 15 cent SOD this month.

Remember when SODs were a good thing, even great sometimes?

You are the champion with 15 cents, so sad.

Yes, I remember some big SOD-s in the past, I am just level 2 yet this year, don't even dare dream about big SOD-s. I think those will disappear slowly and the small ones will take their place.

Milo J just said she got some biggies. Congrats @Milo J!

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2021 Creative Trends Report | Letter from the CEO

"It is important to recognize that we are living in a world that is extraordinarily different to where we were one year ago. As I write this, we are still grappling with a polarizing COVID-19 pandemic, our democratic processes have been challenged like never before, and we have witnessed protests in over 150 U.S. cities, and more than 60 countries in the fight for racial justice and equality.

Despite this, our team was inspired by the ways communities came together in solidarity: from small businesses, to front-line heroes, all displaying resilience, kindness and creativity in the time of quarantine. As we look to 2021, there is an underlying feeling of hope.

Here, we present our 10th annual Creative Trends report for 2021. Shutterstock is home to more than 350 million images, over 20 million videos, as well as music, vectors, and illustrations. In the past year, I made the most of our extensive library to create cool video conferencing backgrounds, festive birthday cards, and engaging business presentations. And I’m not alone—millions of Shutterstock users globally search for images, videos and music tracks every day, and it’s the keywords they use that allow us to uncover our top ten trend predictions, and what will define creative expression and innovation in the year ahead. These trends fall into five categories: Graphic, Photography, Footage, Music, and the Trend to Watch.

The future looks bold, bright, and breathtaking. We have seen the best of people at the very worst of times, and it is our hope that the themes of empathy, integrity and innovation that we have witnessed in 2020 continue to prevail in 2021. At Shutterstock, we believe that we are stronger together. We look forward to embarking on this next chapter with you."


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9 hours ago, Steven Tritton said:

Finally a video sale that paid a commission of 317.4 x 10 cent subs lifting my January earnings out of a deep dark abyss to level of ghetto.  

Im jealous.  My *biggest* video earning this month has been $11.85.

Most are under $3.

Prior to this $21 or higher was the norm.

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Well, I see, I am not alone...
It seems that January 2021 is becoming my worst month ever 😞
47 images sold so far - for altogether 5,99 $
1 SOD for 0,61
1 Sub for 0,53
1 Sub for 0,44
1 Sub for 0,11
43 Subs for 0,10

no ODD, no EL

especeially this week has been very very slow - my sales stopped completely on Wednesday... No sale yesterday, no sale today so far.

Very frustrating...

For comparision: Last month I sold 101 pictures for altogether about 95 $

The download fairy seems to be in lockdown...


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