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Hi I want to add my short animated subscribe buttons to my portfolio.   
I would like to offer a few together as one collection, is this possible?

I just don't think it's fair a customer would have to pay as much as a full clip at 4k for one single animated button, but it seems this is the way others have done it.

Could I create a video file with a few of the animations running  one after each other so the customer can trim to the clip they want to use easily?
Many thanks

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It is definitely possible to bundle a few options into one clip. I have one in my port that contains three takes of the same scene, because even I, as a video editor, could not decide which one was the best of them, and SS would have rejected two of them as too similar if I tried to upload them all. Make sure to label your collection as such, so the reviewers won't be confused.

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