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Are images that show the Panama Flag allowed as commercial?

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afaik the panama flag is not copyright protected but some years ago some panama government agency wanted panama flags removed from SS.

but i can´t see panama flag listed under "restricted content" anymore in the SS guidelines.

what is the current status?


ps: "try it and see if it is accepted"... yes thank smartypants... but that is not what i am asking about. :)


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No guarantees. Nothing is for sure anymore in the world and especially not on SS


indeed, having certain motives on SS has next to nothing to say.

the review process is so broken.... it is a joke. 


4-5 years ago panama flags where rejected. thought there were plenty of panama flags sold (not editorial) on SS already.
i know because the studio i worked for was affected by a bunch of these rejections.

and i am pretty sure that there was an entry in the "restricted content" FAQ page that said panama flags can not be sold commercially.
but that entry is now gone.

afaik there was also a discussion in this forum. but searching for "panama" brought up no results.




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