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How request properly minor model releases?

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3 hours ago, Jeremy Lopez Foppiani said:

So when someone buys a license for a photo or video, are there no rules and restrictions for that buyer in the use that he can give it?

Yes there are rules and restrictions.

There is just no guarantee that everybody abides by it and if somebody doesn't there is not much you can do about it and even if you can do something about it, the harm is already done.

Besides there are a lot of goods and subjects in advertising that are not desirable for children, or anybody for that matter, but would be perfectly fine and legal such as condoms or whatever 

 I don't think you would be happy if you drive down the road and see your niece associated with an advertisement like that. or worse than a billboard, on television or social media. Some people are ruthless 

Not saying that any of this bad stuff will happen, but it could and do you want to take that chance? Your sister doesn't and, as you have figured out by now, I agree with her and so do many others here.

So, if you want your nephews and nieces to grow up as normal children and if you want to keep a loving relationship with your sister, Respect her wishes!!



Clause 1.2 outlines these restrictions

Shutterstock Terms of Service & License Agreements


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thanks, that link was what I was looking for. My sister wants to give me the authorizations, she just doesn't know what this whole world of stock is and with that link things are clearer.

Of course, nobody wants the things you say with any child, it depends a lot on the content you do too. Thanks for your advice and help.


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There was a contributor here who had pictures of her kids on site. Nice photos, good sellers. One day she was randomly doing reverse image searches, just to see where her photos were being used (because that can be fun).  She found one of her teen daughters photos on an Italian site, that looked fine, until she started translating some of the words. She said after she got to the word 'blow job', she deleted all her kids pictures off of Shutterstock.  There are rules about how to use the photos, customers often ignore them.

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