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Expert jnk,

I think the first thing you need to know, is that if you plan on shooting flowers you're in for a lot of competition.  Everyone shoots flowers and they have to be something special if they're going to sell.  Yours' are good but I wouldn't call them "Expert". 

The next tip is that stock sites were set up so that companies, and individuals could obtain images that would help them sell their product, place or idea.  They aren't generally looking for just pretty pictures.  There are other demands for stock photos but the majority are sold for some kind of promotion.  IF your images don't assist Companies and individuals in promoting THEM, your images will have limited sales.

This is not a good way to make even pocket change if you can't provide something unique at the very least.  Check out the competition and do it differently or better.  Otherwise this may be a waste of your time and nothing more than an expensive hobby.

Best of Luck!   

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