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looks like blackbox global pulled its videos from shutter stock

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Many large contributors stopped licensing their images/vectors/footage with Shutterstock earlier this year when the new earning structure was announced. Now that it's coming to the end of the year,

Because a lot of people are lazy.  Simple as that.

16 hours ago, Doug Jensen said:

When it comes to stock footage, "better"  is determined by sales volume and nothing else.  Lighting, color, subject matter, or whatever you think makes your videos better than the next guys is irrelevant.  It is all about sales.  A grainy black and white Super8mm transfer that earns $1000 is better than a cinematic masterpiece that earns $10.    If you don't understand that, see my previous post.

IMHO:  I have sold more shitty per eye clips, than nice per eye clips. :)

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