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I'm a new contributor and have uploaded several art pieces to shutterstock. I was thinking of reusing this art on POD sites such as RedBubble, however I'm not sure if this is the best idea? Of course legally I know I can do this as my stock images are non-exclusive. I suppose I'm mostly wondering is if someone happens to buy an enhanced licence on one of my images, are they also allowed to upload my stock images to POD sites and just slap them on whatever products they want to sell? If they are allowed to do this, are they allowed to sell the unaltered stock images on POD sites, or do they have to do some editing to them first?

I ask because the idea of me selling products with my stock images on them on POD sites and then the possibility of someone else doing the same thing with the same images makes me rather uncomfortable. I think this discomfort comes from the fact that it feels a bit difficult to claim it's my original work on these POD sites if other people are selling products with the same image on them on the same sort of sites. Then again, if any question of it comes up, I suppose I can always refer people to my shutterstock portfolio.

Thanks in advance for any information on this.

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