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This is not England, nor New Zealand, where will it be?Guess it

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As title, this is a photo of a group of sheep grazing. Guess where it was taken?







Guessed it? It’s Nantou Qingjing Farm, in the mountainous area of central Taiwan.

Speaking of Qingjing Farm,
some people in Taiwan think that using shepherd dogs to drive sheep will scare the sheep,
and some shearing staff are rude to the sheep and hope that the farm will stop related performances.
What do you think?

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I think that many people have long been secretly implanted with a chip in their brains and given a nanovaccine. And they imperceptibly turned into cyborgs.
And in the near future it will be necessary to create societies to protect people who prefer the traditional way of life.


By the way, the image is very reminiscent of Carpathians.

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