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December sales - take two

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46 minutes ago, Wilm Ihlenfeld said:

December was my second worst month ever. Only my first month, November 2010, was a touch worse - but I only had 120 images in my portfolio then.

Versus December 2019 at shutterstock:
+ 4% downloads
- 30% revenues
Compared to December 2018 at shutterstock:
+ 15% downloads
- 37.5% revenue

Corona fails as an excuse because downloads are higher than in December of previous years. It is exclusively the new revenue structure.

December 2020 RPD was minus 32% compared to my average RPD. Level 5.



I DID see a clear Corona drop from April but that mainly recovered.

In volume terms i've sold more than the other 11 or so years i've been on SS.

In revenue terms i'm down about 30% on RPD for 2020.  Same (or more) stuff is selling but for a lot less money.

I was L5 photo and L3 video FWIW.


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Since the original one got deleted by accident... My December is going okay, no spectacular single sales, but a steady flow of regular stuff coming in. SS is again well ahead of AS.

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my sales on SS for December were roughly the same as December '19 ...nothing great, but the interesting thing was that 3 photos that were rejected here for focus and noise etc  sold on Alamy for high prices as I didn't bother to try again and resubmit to SS so I made them exclusive to Alamy...

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6 hours ago, chyworks said:


With less than 300 images (not sure if that's your portfolio) and only need 2 months to get back to level 5 is a mighty achievement.





Just reached level 2 this afternoon. The earning for the first 100 DLs is $21

Congrats, Chy!


Considering the fact that the year started with holidays, more than 100 downloads in just over 4 days is a great performance!

However, an RPD of 0.21 is frightening!

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Thanks Wilm, indeed, it's quite demotivating.

And you are right, Deb. It's a mixed up feelings, reminded me on the milestones achieved in the past in SS, it was a different feeling back then, but we should know better. It's pretty eff up and messed up now. 

Anyway, onwards and upwards to everyone who is still here in the forum for this year.

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