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Shutterstock is the largest stock site and has more customers than any of the other sites.  In addition, it appears that each company tend to specializes in certain types of images and those images sell much better on their site than they might on other sites.  Finally, each site has it's own ranking system (again, all different) which elevates a photo's  "popularity" (based upon their in house algorithm) making it more or less likely to be seen by potential customers.  Time is also a factor.  If you are just starting out your images have had less time to move up in "popularity" in contrast to someone that has been with the site for a much longer time.  Regrettably, size does matter.     

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7 hours ago, Tawrat Ferdousi Branding said:

I am contributing to several website including SS, Adobe Stock, iStock and others.

But other than SS I don't get enough sell. For example, Adobe Stock has not given any sell in last 3 weeks.

Why doesn't all microstock platforms performs in a same way? why only SS is the winner?


It won't be a winner for much longer, the drip drip effect of 10 cent sales will drive quality and contributor earnings down. I only submit now if I make a nonsubscription sale.


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Looking at the comparison graphs in Microstock group, SS has already dived below AS on the relative earnings scale (having been at the top of that last for the last 15 or so years).



You can see the change in June when they reduced commissions.  From January thats going to be lower again.  Significantly lower.

https://www.micro stock group.com/index.php?page=PollResults )

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Exactly, a tiny number of downloads its impossible for trends.  Even a change of 1 in a sale can double the earnings per day etc.

You need a useful sample size to get any meaningful data.

10s - 100s will produce good data.

Single figures simply cant.  Its so low any trend is lost  in the noise.

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