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It’s a pity because I think it’s a really good image! It must be the pattern/logotype on the apron. But the pattern it’s not the main thing in the image so I can’t understand that it cannot be accepted as editorial. If you look at  ‘Gucci’ or another brand there are lots of new images with their patterns and llogotypesas motifs. You could try to clone some of it out though.

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3 hours ago, KALA.LAURA said:

I have been rejected several images for: Reasons for rejection (1) Unsuitable Content: We are unable to incorporate this image into our commercial or editorial collection, or we no longer accept this type of content. Among them is this, but I don't understand what he means. Can you help me?


It may be that "the system" thinks that the decorations on the red may "leak" a brand and therefore be unsuitable for a commercial image. And this is not totally unreasonable. I think it may go easily through as editorial, and it could be a good seller as such.

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