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15 hours ago, Merrillie Redden said:

I just made level 4 for the next month, not that it will make any difference to all those friggin 10 cent sales. I will review my site come January,

I think you'll see a difference, I did, but considering I was getting 38c a download before, and how big of a deal is it getting 14c or 17c instead of 10c, when I'm getting 30-50% of what I did before?

So please don't read me as saying I'm happy or this is good, just that, there is a small improvement over the not so good system.


This shows, where the 10c subs come from at each level. The 4th column is level 4

Also another small improvement, to 30% for the sales that count:


I sure hope I move up levels, faster next year. 🙂


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