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A bit lost in the microstock market...

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I don't know if there's a future for the market. 

My sales are not "plummetting" either.  They're not as high as last year at this time, but they are remaining consistently flat with sales the rest of this year.

This might just be a temporary slump due to COVID.  I'm just hanging in there, keeping my ports at several stock agencies in place, and riding out this storm.  You have to keep the long view in mind, years and years and years down the road.  Eventually, COVID will be contained and business will return with a vengeance.

I have, however, stopped contributing here for now.  It's very hard to take this seriously and contribute to it like a madman when the payout is so low.  Maybe I'll dabble in this a little bit, just for fun, as a hobby, something creative to do when I have time to be bored.  I'm doing a regular job for primary income and right now it's demanding all my time and attention. 

Meanwhile, I'm keeping an eye on earnings here.  If earnings start to drastically spike a couple months in a row, I'll start contributing in earnest again.  I'll be concentrating on contributing video clips from this point onward, for higher commissions than still images.

I HOPE a lot of contributors drop off, leaving a few of us players still standing.  A bigger share of the market, more money, for the few of us!

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