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What changes got your focus and noise rejections successful resubmitted?

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Kinda stupid they rejecting these for noise considering they will be web-usage in 95% of the cases. Lol if I'll pull out my tripod.

Difficult lighting conditions and valuable commercially as not widely offered during these more challenging-travel times in Madrid, what can I do but add more noise reduction and resubmit?

Anyway, other agencies will happily take them and they will sell. Will try a maximum of 3 times on here and give up, anyway this place is going down the drain.

Attached two examples, normal size and at 100%.


metro - Copy.jpg


normal stock nov 21-25 - Copy.jpg


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For a few weeks, about a month or so ago, either I got much better as a photographer/editor, or they hired someone/something that actually wasn't going overboard in the noise/focus rejections. Just yesterday, half of mine were rejected, including a much cleaner version of a photo already accepted here. Very frustrating...

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Had 4 different topics split into 2 batches today, mix of images in both batches.

First batch 60/60 accepted no problem.

Second batch 38/40 rejected for focus - including images taken 1-2 seconds after the ones that got accepted in the other batch.

Amazing how all my cameras (4 in this case) are perfect one minute and all of them useless several seconds later in the field....

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It is so random, it wasn't that long ago I hardly ever got rejections and the same photos are accepted by my other stock sites with very few rejections and then they are usually only because of something they decide needs a model or property release. Here I get one batch accepted, then the next with a lot of Focus messages I refuse to resubmit. Their lousy payments only get one chance at the image it will sell elsewhere. Now instead of having the most photos on Shutterstock I have more photos elsewhere.

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