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Any insight into my dismal Adobe acceptance rate?

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Hello all. I’d like to thank everyone who provides insight and advice in this forum. It certainly helped me as a relative newcomer who signed up with Shutterstock about a year ago. When the 10-cent fiasco hit, I listened to the good advice and decided to put more emphasis on Adobe Stock, with the idea of diversifying. It seemed to make sense, especially when contributors said AS has fair photo reviews and is less aggravating than some other stock agencies.

My problem is getting anything approved on AS. My acceptance rate on Shutterstock is about 90 per cent, and with re-submissions about 98 per cent. On AS, my acceptance rate is about 30 percent with some batches completely rejected. Today was the last straw when I submitted five of my better sellers on Shutterstock (one photo which won an award on another site and sold several times on SS) and all were rejected. The usual reason is “technical difficulties” which could be many things. The same photos rejected were accepted first try at SS and some sold ten times or more. Any photo with a wood background is rejected (for example, all my 70s items photos), making me wonder if it’s an automated system. My question: does anyone have any clue on this discrepancy on approval rates? Has this happened to anyone else? What am I doing wrong?

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