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Is DJI Mini2 a good enough drone for stock photography and videography?

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Hello everyone, 

is the newest DJI Mini 2 drone good enough for stock photos and video? It has 4k 100 mps video capability and 12 MP camera (but it has a quite small sensor - 1/2.3" CMOS sensor). Is it good enough for a beginner? I'd love to get a drone to enter the aerial photography/videography world, and the Mini 2 seems like a good compromise between price and quality (I don't want to spend 1000 and more dollars on a drone right now) but I'm scared its photos and videos might not be accepted for the quality. Does anyone use it (or even used to first DJI Mavic Mini) to sell stock photos/videos? Any tips? 

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Very late reply but I have been following your post to see if there were any replies as I am in the same place.  I had a Mavic 2 Pro, which is now in a tall eucalyptus tree some where in Galicia, (I have even returned 4 times to search for it in the nearly impenetrable forest!) it might just a well have crashed into the sea!  I cannot justify over $1,000 for a new one but the Mini 2 is tempting.  Everything I have read is positive, RAW, up to 4K video and quite a few useful tricks.  the only disadvantage seems to be the 12MP, but this is good enough for stock, just making cropping difficult.  My experience of the MavicPro leads me to believe the stills will be good as well, especially with RAW and I used it mostly for video anyway.  I think I will go for it as I miss droning.

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