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Which historic site have you visited?Is there a historic site in your hometown?

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Recently,the COVID-19 epidemic has worsened again,
and many countries have begun to restrict people from going out,and it is also recommended to avoid traveling abroad.

But many people travel abroad for the purpose of visiting historical sites,
that being the case, why don't we stay at home and visit the world's historical sites on Shutterstock?
So I invite you to share photos of the historic sites you have visited, or photos of the historic sites of your hometown~~
First let me share photos of historical sites in Taiwan:

New Taipei City
Banqiao Lin Family Mansion and Garden is an ancient mansion:

New Taipei City,Taiwan-09/02/2014:pond in Banqiao Lin Family Mansion and Garden

Diyi Temple is hidden in urban of Banqiao:

New Taipei City,Taiwan-09/29/2020:the Diyi Temple of Banqiao is a historic site under renovation

Taiwan Railway Zhuifen station still in use:

Taichung,Taiwan-08/21/2016:the wooden station building of the Taiwan Railway Zhuifen station is a historic site

TsungYeh Arts and Cultural Center,is the original Taiwan Sugar Madou Sugar Factory:

Tainan,Taiwan-01/24/2013:inside TsungYeh Arts and Cultural Center,the guest house of the original Taiwan Sugar Madou Sugar Factory

Museum of Taiwan Prehistory have archaeological remains:

Taitung,Taiwan-05/20/2014:Museum of Taiwan Prehistory near Taiwan Railyay Kangle station

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Good starter thread, I usually don't watch this section, but when I saw this I said, keep it going. Historic Sites - or locations.

Since you suggested local, I found the closest one I have accepted on ShutterStock.

Stony Hill School House, home of the first American Flag Day, Waubeka, Wisconsin. USA Flag Day June 14th

Stony Hill School House, home of the first American Flag Day, Waubeka, Wisconsin. USA Flag Day June 14th



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Because some historical places may evoke a feeling of pride, some make evoke feeling of anger, some may evoke feeling of sadness, feeling of amusement and so on. At the same time, it also depends on the person, his attitude, his perception, his understanding of history, context and so on.




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In my city there is an old mansion where Brezhnev lived. The house is now under guard. No one is ever seen either inside the house or on the territory. What's in it now is a secret.
In general, the communists know a lot about luxury and comfort :P





On the same street, almost next to it is the last wooden house of 18th century in the city of Dnipro. People still live in it. The state of  building is deplorable. But nobody cares about this.




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Also in my village Bergen in the Netherlands. Russian monument founded in the year 1901. In eternal memory of the Russian soldiers fallen in the  Battle of Bergen in 1799. A Russian Orthodox cross. 

I often visit the dune area of the battle (Russengat) where our children played and I sometimes think of that battle. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/small-oaks-sand-dunes-near-village-1813648054



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You should pick a historic place which is usually located in your country and you have visited. In this case, you need to say when you visited and what you enjoyed there. But for the cue card 'describe a historic place that you know about', you can talk about any historic place located anywhere in the world. Not necessarily you need to visit a place to know about it.

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