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Update to my post earlier in this thread:   November thus far: 23 downloads for $116.80.

Not only do you steal other people's images, but you also post here on the forum being recognizable in your profile pic. You are clever as f* And all that for 10 cents😵

I had an EL during the night ;o) $23 plus an ODD $3.45 - long may it continue!

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11 minutes ago, Steven Tritton said:

Anyone else having an unusual slow week of sales? 

yes Steve just a 10 and 12 cents so far this month...dire and sales stopped on AS and DT stopped uploading to them all and doing early spring clean of my hard drive and filing system to see if I can find a few gems ha ha 

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22 hours ago, Wilm Ihlenfeld said:



downloads are okay - not a highlight, but okay. But the earnings incredibly bad.

Yeah same here, Downloads are even higher than last month, the same period. but the earnings are like 3X less than before. I am starting to hate the 10 cents thing. at least if it was 20, it would have been less of a harmful impact

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13 hours ago, blvdone said:

Had some higher price "Enhanced" and "Single & Other" photo sales this week.  November so far is 266 downloads and $322 sales.  RPD is over $1 now with only photo sales.  Not bad.  I hope this continues.

Not bad! Congrats!

I am close to 200 downloads here, which is still within limits. But the RPD remains miserable. So I'm still on the way to the worst month ever here at shutterstock.

AS is far ahead, even if the month is also bad there so far.

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Last week was pretty good for downloads but all except one were subs. My subs RPD was $0.24 which, in this new normal, is pretty good. However, to get to my overall target RPD which is $0.50 or better, I really need ODDs, SODs and the occasional EL and, with one exception, they have not been forthcoming as yet in November.

The month is still young, however, so I remain positive and hopeful.

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