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What is the scenery outside your place of residence?

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Speaking of the COVID-19 outbreak around the world this year,
many people have cooperated with the strict epidemic prevention ban,Had to stay at home, let alone travel abroad,
even in Taiwan, where the epidemic is under control,
the government still requires people who come to Taiwan to work and visit relatives to undergo a 14-days home quarantine,
need to stay at home or hotel for a long time and feel bored.

That being the case, let’s share the scenery outside your place of residence~~
Maybe you think it’s nothing, but it’s unique to others:

The downtown landscape of Banqiao in New Taipei City,with Tatun Volcano Group and Guanyin Mountain in the distance:
New Taipei City,Taiwan-09/23/2020:overlooking downtown Banqiao in the evening

The downtown landscape of Banqiao in New Taipei City,with Linkou Plateau in the distance:
New Taipei City,Taiwan-09/23/2020:overlooking downtown Banqiao in the evening

The Tpark Industrial Park,where Google office will soon be settled,is next to New Taipei City Library new main building:
New Taipei City,Taiwan-09/23/2020: overlooking Banqiao Tpark and New Taipei City Library new main building in the evening

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ginchang -

If you right click your images you can pick "copy image location", and if you paste it here, you can see the images without anyone having to click the link to see the image -


These pics are from my house








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Interesting question @ginchang much more entertaining than the constant complaining.



Front: Looking down the driveway, and just for fun, the speed limit on the road in front of my house is 55MPH, so I get out and GO! This is rural Wisconsin. No traffic jams, but sometimes I have to slow down for a tractor pulling a wagon, or large farm equipment going down the road.



Back: What I see in the Winter, a very black and white and brown world

What's beyond those trees?


Corn, Soybeans and cows, mostly.



 And if I look up? 😉

Hmm, maybe I should find and submit the first one? I did and it's accepted and now linked in this message. Hey, thanks for the suggestion.

For anyone who might get the wrong idea of wealthy rural opulence. I bought an abandoned house in 2013. The roof still leaks a little, I fixed broken windows, doors that didn't work right, the floor is now firm "almost" everywhere. There were more things wrong than there were right. From the furnace, hot water, stove and refrigerator, not working, to lighting ballast and wiring problems.

The A/C worked but caught up to the rest of the place five years later. 🙂

I love the WHERE I live, peaceful, nature, some wildlife, with a yard and trees, more than the HOW I live. It's pretty minimal, small, and affordable.

Updated after @David A Litman comment below. America's Dairyland, also why we are called Cheese Heads (for the Green Bay Packer famous fans) Wisconsin produces 2.9 billion pounds of cheese, a year, accounting for 25.4% of all cheese produced in the U.S.

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Downtown Colombo, small city in the southern Brazilian state of Paraná. Founded by italian immigrants, have as main activity agriculture (especially vegetables) and limestone extraction.

Colombo, Paraná, Brazil - August 01, 2020. City downtown with some small business on the main street. Trees and mountains in the horizon. Parked cars.



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Where we live now is boring....a house on a car park......view of parked cars livened up with a lot of rain!



 Where we used to live was far more picturesque.........





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Thanks C&L Perry. Our old place was a beautiful place to wake up in. Pity our landlady chucked us out when she renovated the whole property.....and put the rent up a lot!

A view for all seasons!




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