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My first years experience

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Hi 👋 

I am just short of a year from being a contributor here and on Pond5 and back when I was looking to start this forum provided a wealth of information - so thank you for all your comments and discussions.

When I was looking into producing stock footage, my main concern was sales and how frequently they occur to make it a worthwhile enterprise. 

My year has not gone to plan exactly - due to my full time work taking over and now lockdown, I’ve not been able to produce the volume of shots I would have liked however I have had positive results. 

I knew, due to the algorithms and the volume of content out there that this is mostly a numbers game. I had read I could expect to wait 6 months perhaps for a sale and from the  information out there - I expected to sell over the course of a year in the region of 1-3% of my portfolio per annum. 

This was based on available information, blogs and forums. 

How has it went? 
Well - almost 5 months after my first uploads, I got my first video sale. I was ecstatic, to me it was proof of concept. 

Unfortunately my port has not grown as I would have liked, initially I was aiming to increase my port monthly by around 50. I have not even hit 10 on SS! On Pond5 I have around 25. 

This was due to me having a change in circumstance - I went from working in my day job, condensed hours to 5 days and all of a sudden my 4 day weekends disappeared. I was simply not able to get out there and shoot. 

Having said this - over the course of, just under a year my sales figures across all platforms has been 24%. To me this was a win, when I was expecting to be only selling 3% of my port. 

Having taken everything into consideration - year 1 has shown me that this works and that I should spend more time and effort into building a larger port. I do not expect the sales numbers to translate - of course the 24% will drop. It is inevitable, however I feel that if I can step up and produce more at the same quality then i can increase the total sales. 

if anyone else is starting - I hope you go for it! Again thanks for all the amazing information here in this forum. 


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