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Many years ago, I read a post in this same forum written by Yuri Arcurs. It was a post in which he shared that he had reached 1000 sales a day in Shutterstock. Wow! It was incredibly motivating for me to know that there was someone out there capable of achieving such high numbers. I promised myself that one day I would reach that level as well. I reached that level many months ago, but I had not shared it with anyone. So today I share with you the sales of September 30th: My best day ever 😍. I hope it will be an inspiration for many, just as it was for me. 

I am currently doing several interviews about my story, in different blogs. If you have a website or blog and are interested in interviewing me, it will be a pleasure. Contact me via Instagram

Just for fun, how about turning this post into a "screenshot party"? Share a screenshot of your best day ever here 🙂




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Just finish reading your interwiew with @Alexandre Rotenberg

That is really impressive... 1M pictures... 1000 dls/day...

Well I hope I'll get close to 100k before the end of microstock time (or evolution as you said). But that is a pretty nice achievement.

It is both motivating and depressing to be honest. It means that we can reach for the stars but in the mean time it's harder to do something new when there is contributors with 100k and more images!


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Thank you all very much for your kind words!

@Studio 2 Yes, you are right, maybe this is not the best section for this kind of post, I am quite new to the forum, hahah

@Philip Armitage, lots of 0.1, still the average is not bad

@Awana JF, the stock still has many years left, surely the agencies will end up reconverting, even so we must always be prepared for the future.

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This is indeed a proud and impressive sum! Congratulations, Aaron! But it is certainly deserved, because you are very active and invest a lot of time. It's nice to hear that this investment is obviously being rewarded.

If I would post a screenshot here, you would start laughing. So I don't.

All I can say is that, even in my best days here, I couldn't get it done in one month. I've scraped the four-figure mark by a hair's breadth several times, but never exceeded it. My best days were those with 60 downloads. But that was a few years ago.

Currently I can't even manage 1361 downloads per month if I add up the 7 agencies where I offer. I am a good 10% below that.


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On 10/15/2020 at 1:29 PM, LecartPhotos said:

All that effort and in the worse case scenario 1300 dls a day could earn $136! 

True but I don't think his RPD is 0.1... Mine is around 0.4 as a level 4 and I imagine that with his talent, his impressive PF and being a level 6 should increase his RPD... 

Plus SS represent just a % of his revenue thanks to the other microstock agency (50%?)...

Am I right @Krakenimages.com ? 

I would love to know your RPD just out of curiosity and how did it change since the new earning structure...

I'm still trying to reach 10 dls a day and have consitent dls from one day to the other so 1000dls/day is really impressive!!!

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If you are interested in knowing more about our story I share here links to some interviews that I have been doing:

https://www.microstockguru.com/sell-photos-online-interview-aaron-amat (ENGLISH)

https://supermicrostock.ru/kraken-images-interview (RUSSIAN)

https://backyardsilver.com/interview-with-aaron-of-kraken-images (ENGLISH)

https://fotodinero.com/krakenimages-aaron-amat (SPANISH)

https://brutallyhonestmicrostock.com/2020/10/06/interview-with-aaron-amat-super-microstock-producer-1-4m-images (ENGLISH)

Most of the questions you ask around here are answered in those interviews.

I hope you find them interesting :D


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On 10/16/2020 at 11:43 PM, Studio 2 said:

Don't give up. Microstock is a very particular type of photography. I don't think I am terribly good at it but for me it's been the journey not the destination. Also my number of downloads is very low too this month. Keep on doing what you enjoy 📸

Decided to continue with micro stock and give it a try one more time. Appreciate the encouragement 😊 

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