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How to transform traditional ilustration to vector

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This has always been my question, and I haven't gotten an answer that helps me to process the illustration into vector form so that it gets accepted by the shutterstock? I scan traditional images such as watercolor / pencil colored, I edit them in Photoshop, import them into adobe illustrator to trace the image. but i find that shutterstock rejects my image. What should I do?

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You can't really "transform" them.  The trace function is just a place to start, and it's not the best.

Basically, you have to redraw your illustrations in the vector program. There are many tutorials online about ways to do that. 

An auto-traced vector will have too many nodes, untidy layers, and other technical problems that stock sites don't like.  Vector illustrations require some work, and are much more technical than bitmap illustrations. 

More here: https://www.creativebloq.com/illustration/started-vector-illustration-4132523


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