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I have same nice images of yoga on stand up paddle board. Took a drive during the night to go to the river to take them in the early morning at 6 o clock during the sunrise. Busted my ass for it and now they reject them all because they say they are not sharp, and I think its total BS. How can you tell if its sharp enough when it is a silhouette and the subject is dark. I get them that it ''looks'' that is not sharp, but I know they are sharp because the board where the subject is standing IS sharp. And that place is in the plane with her face, and I am not able to get those images online. And to say, they also reject them and say that I have dust on my sensor when clearly those are bird in the background. That is not a big issue to correct, but they are really busting my ass because of it and don't know if all of my images will be thrown in the garbage, and to say, people on the Instagram love them and I am already having a ton of praise for them and some jobs appointed just because of those images, so clearly they will sell on SS also. What to do guys, how to make them see that the pictures are sharp and good for selling, have anyone had rejections of silhouettes?
Thanks in advance.

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