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Woke up to a $24 EL. September is back on track!

Tiny weeny tiddling 10 cent amounts for my, and others hard work. Daylight robbery!

Shutterstock - 87 downloads = 44$ AS - 29 downloads = 29.99$

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20 minutes ago, PhotoFra said:

I've joined to SS and other agencies just 20 days ago and here only 5 sales (3 SUBs + 2 ODDs), all in the first two weeks with a Portfolio of 100 images. Now I've around 200 images, but sales have been very slow in the last September week.. It's a bad start? 

Thats above average.  Better start than most.

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2 hours ago, Former_Poster said:

Prior to the daylight robbery in June video for me made up 10% of my portfolio and 40% of income.

Since the cull it still makes up 10% of my portfolio but 58% of my income.

(based on 1500 ish videos and 15000 ish images)

Similar here too, video makes up 16% of port and 64% of income since starting uploads of images in Feb 2019 and uploads of video in July 2019.

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same as Wilm's earlier post...am gradually deleting images and not uploading for months selling mostly subs now and have a small port but don't mind as the stress of re-uploading is no longer an issue but won't get to my monthly payout threshold either, although if it was at the 'before' price would have at least been able to pay my phone bill. Good to hear some of you are getting sales for your videos. Not something that I will do seriously as bit late for me to buy equipment so am focusing on other projects. Ah well month end and weekend upon us again!

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On 9/26/2020 at 3:10 PM, Former_Poster said:

I keep forgetting Dreamstime exists.  Its earned me $3.70 this year when i just checked.  I stopped uploading 5 years ago due to almost zero sales and an utterly terrible interface to upload.

Still on $87.50 so at this rate i'll get a payout in a few years time.

DT woke up yesterday and my income crossed the border of $ 100

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20 minutes ago, Former_Poster said:


Strange month, terrible for all until the last 7 days then it took off. Entirely video sales to boost that.  Its up to almost what i'd class as a poor month before the June paycut.
Most likely a statistical blip though.

So you must be the artist formerly known as Doug.  Yes?  I can see why some of my pro photography friends left stills and went to video.

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