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So here we are at the beggining of the month. A lot of mixed reviews from contributors during august. Some did bad others no to so bad. Semptember marks the end of summertime and things ARE SUPPOSSED to pick up from here (hopefully) ... also many countries are opening their economies after lockdown. Lets see how this plays up ... 

As for me. .today i only had image subs .. 18 ... for a grand total of 2.31 so far ... ūüėē

I hope you all have great numbers this month!

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Thanks. In the 80's and 90's I was a full-time commercial photographer. I've done well in the past with food but if you compare my 'not really specialised in food' port to that of Foodio (similar size

Tiny weeny tiddling 10 cent amounts for my, and others hard work. Daylight robbery!

Shutterstock - 87 downloads = 44$ AS - 29 downloads = 29.99$

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37 minutes ago, Benedek Alpar said:

Sorry to hear this, this happened to me once on DT but it wasn't a video

Looking in my Adjustments tab, it appears this is the fourth time for me, two was 0, one for .10, and now this.


Edit: Actually it appears I had two video sales, one was fraudulent or something, the other was fine. About the one being fraudulent, I wonder how SS actually solve the problem reversing the transaction (taking money back from the author), while the one who downloaded the video will obviously keep it.

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44 minutes ago, Adrian Grosu said:

I wasn't aware of that, too.




18 minutes ago, Adrian Grosu said:

Maybe it does appear only when needed. It is not something that you should want, guys, they only make adjustments by taking your money, not giving :)

Thank you Adi, I don't have it. Indeed, it is not something anyone should want.

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