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Happy World Photography Day 2020

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13 minutes ago, balajisrinivasan said:

Happy photography day to you too! Hope we keep doing it more for the love of it and less for the money (even though money is nice).

Yep! More love, appreciation and respect for the medium and less dollar signs can only improve one's photography and if the photography improves, the basis to make more money improves with it.

Some people in the microstock community have that backwards I noticed.

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22 minutes ago, Mike Kuhlman said:

Wish I had TIME to do photography just for love!  Time is precious!  This needs to generate money, which in turn frees up time to love it!

You don't do it just for the love but primarily for the love. Because if you aren't doing it primarily because you love doing it, there are far better (and less time consuming) ways to make money.

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