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My Shutterstock Account Name has Spieling Mistake, Would It effect the Tax form?

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While setting up my Shutterstock account I have done speling mistake. 

I have written Ferdoushi Begum

Actual one is Ferdousi Begum (without H).

Would It effect the Tax Form as the shutterstock account name and the National ID card name is diffrent?

Please help.

I have emailed Shutterstock, but they are not responding.

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Steven Tritton Hello ,My Account name Diiffrrent so And Paypal Name Is legal so Not payout My Earning Shutterstock,i have to request Shutterstock Many More times He said You Give me Company Details as per your user name but here not company only are name so ..i can not provide shutterstock company documents and my payments are stoped now...so how can i request to shutterstock....so please chnage in the name after submit tax form is better.

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