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Why submit.shutterstock.com cannot be accessed from my PC browser

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Hi, I'm having the same problem. I haven't been able to access my contributor account since the end of the October. One day everything was fine and the next day Google couldn't find the website. I have tried from my main computer, my iPad and my phone. On my phone it says that the IP address is not recognised. On my computer submit.shutterstock.com appears, but the search starts, stops and will go no further. Shutterstock is the only site this is happening to. This morning this information appeared: The page owner isn't allowing Google to read the page. If you know the site owners tell them about it. 

I now have four case numbers and I seem to be going round in circles with Contributor Support and I have lost count of the numbers of emails I've sent.  I've given a detailed account of the problem over and over again. I've had the usual standard replies asking if I am putting in the right information or the right address. Two members of the team were more detailed in their replies and extremely pleasant. I have been told that this is a technical error and it may take a bit longer than usual to fix, but thanking me for being patient. I have asked for updates regarding my problem and have heard nothing. I'm still waiting for a reply for the 4th case number.

I've  asked if someone will look at my account and see if it has been blocked for some reason (although there should be no reason for this). One helpful support member looked and said my account is still there, which at least put my mind at rest. But he said he can't access my account. 

I've cleared cookies, cache, allowed cookies etc. I've tried to reset my password over and over again and it tells me the information provided is incorrect. It tells you to contact Support. You do that and get the same standard information. I once managed to reset the password and it still wouldn't work. Yesterday I tried again with no success, but for some reason, at last, this morning it has allowed me into the forum for the first time since October, but not my account. 

I do appreciate that Support deals with hundreds of problems a day. It is at least some comfort to know I am not alone in this, but if anyone knows a way to push this further for answers I would be extremely grateful. 

Thank you. 






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     Sorry Michael I've only just found your message from Monday.  I've been told by Contributor support that my account is still active, but I cannot access my account to upload or deal with my portfolio. One Google message said: Google does not recognise this IP address, if you know the owner of the website contact them. Contacting support doesn't work. 

      I'm now up to 4 case numbers. The latest was last Friday and still no word from the team. I think I'll start a fresh post tomorrow and see if Kate will pick up on it. I've been told by someone at support that Contributor support has now been outsourced and if I have a case number I can be assured that the problem is being dealt with. Then you hear nothing. No updates and no reply if you message them. 

     This morning I've had an email from Shutterstock asking what I'm working on as I haven't uploaded for a while! Ha.  

     Shutterstock - I've been trying to access my account since October. At the beginning of November I was told it had been referred to the Technical Team. I'm beginning to wonder if they actually exist.  

     The last time I asked for an update, I also asked for an email address for someone at head office who can offer some sort of guidance.  Guess what, no reply. I've tried just about everything, but I'm getting absolutely nowhere. I appreciate they are busy, but some sort of reply to my emails would at least help. By the sounds of it there are other people having problems signing in too. All this for 10c!!!!. 

     Michael your reply was much appreciated. Thank you. 






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