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Very, very slow. AS as well. I think everyone is on vacation.

This site was the best, even with zillions of photos to compete, not anymore. It's gone to hell. getting 0.10 cents for a photo, not worth the pain. They are screwing all of us guys, this sucks!!

$0.00 .....  My port is out of SS library. Out of sales, out of everything. Sales here were pretty good, excellent, before this SS management destroyed  them with brilliant ideas and new pla

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I reached the first ever payout limit of $35 this month. I had total sales of $4.55 including 1 OD, 1 S&O and 1 sub of $.65 in August and reached a total of $ 38.86. Augustwas comparatively better than June and July. I have a small portfolio. With some recent sales, I was increasing my portfolio of 200 photos. Then, the June happened that did not give any further motivation to upload anything for 10 cents

I am from a developing country and any foreign currency earning is good. However, .10 sales is not worth anything.  I think SS has started payout process as the current earning is just 0.10 for one sale I made in September. I am not sure how much will I receive after taxes and processing costs of transfer. I am pretty sure it does not even cover the cost of air blower to clean dust from my lens and sensor.

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