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Very, very slow. AS as well. I think everyone is on vacation.

This site was the best, even with zillions of photos to compete, not anymore. It's gone to hell. getting 0.10 cents for a photo, not worth the pain. They are screwing all of us guys, this sucks!!

$0.00 .....  My port is out of SS library. Out of sales, out of everything. Sales here were pretty good, excellent, before this SS management destroyed  them with brilliant ideas and new pla

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During typically strong months earlier in the year I would see $50+ in sales by end of first week of the new month.

Five days in this month... 52 cents.

52 freakin cents.




This ^^ is my post yesterday on the Doomer thread and today I can report the sales have picked up and I'm up to $6.77 for the month, which is still low but at least looking better. Still, too many 10c sales that are frustrating.

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On 8/6/2020 at 2:16 PM, Sybille Reuter said:

My July was horrible (maybe due to not uploading except the protest pics in June?) but August is starting great, reached payout by the third - not normal for me at all :)

In July it seemed like my port had been blocked after the 15th... I remember some people reported this for June, I wonder if there's a mid-month reranking pattern...? 

Congrats! It's not half bad with a mid  size port! I see that you have been to Győr. My fav city actually. But didn't know about the Kreszta ház : ). Next time I am there, i will check it out. 

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