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Jimmy Rooney

New Contributor - Advice on Portfolio?

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The customers are telling you what works, so keep doing it. 😉

Feedback: watch out for time of day / light conditions when shooting. If the light isn't right, come back when it is. Also, it doesn't hurt to straighten out your horizons / perspective lines on buildings.

Watch how you frame your shots. Living / moving things need lead room, don't crop them too tight.

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You live in the USA. Shutterstock is an American site. Many US buyers. Therefore, photos from the USA will be in demand. Take a lot of pictures, take pictures of everything. Roads, people, flags, elections, shops, signs, sidewalks, etc. Don't look for a special subject for filming, shoot anything that even you think is not very interesting. Close-up and general shot. The only thing you should care about is the weather, sun direction and exposure. Many of your photos are underexposed and taken against the sun. The photo against the sun is an artistic trick and is not suitable for your reportage photography. Prioritize the lights in the camera if you have such a function in the camera. Do minimal processing - horizon leveling and exposure compensation. English is your first language so it is easy to enter keywords. Spend most of your time on keywords, you don't need too much, but everything you need is necessary. Work very well on keywords, experiment

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On 8/4/2020 at 9:30 PM, Jimmy Rooney said:

Hey everyone. Wanted to take the time to say hello and ask if you would like to take a look at my portfolio, and offer any helpful feedback. I just joined a week or so ago, and have uploaded about 130 images so far. Have luckily had a couple sales. Any feedback would be helpful!


Jimmy I enjoyed very much looking at your port, it's soooo american. You have some really nice and marketable pictures, here are a few I liked:













Other photos have near to zero potential:












And other photos could have be taken better, or post processed to fix:


the tail cut kills this one



the framing is bad, why didn't you include the world "Police" in full at the start


Bad framing, left chimney cut


tilted horizon, lack of post production to boost the colors. poor composition


Nearly straight but not quite. You could have moved a bit to your left and take a perfectly straight photo.

I'd say, either you give a nice perspective, or you get it perfectly straight, nearly straight does not work


So my advice is to watch carefully your frame borders at shooting time, check perspective/straightness, forget useless shots, learn to post process to make images pop more, keep shooting and uploading, with this kind of approach that you have, which is somewhat like mine (shoot everything), success is in numbers. And of course quality of the photos.  

Also get into the habit of embedding the keywords and title/description in the photos exif so that you can easily upload to several agencies with no pain at all, doing the meta data work just once. Workflow is very important.

Best luck to you.

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