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AI to review confirmed by SP

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1 hour ago, Evelyn de Waard said:

Not what I was expecting, but out of 9 images of sections of paintings with canvas texture, only 1 was rejected by the A.I... 🤔

Well, that’s one theory out the window 😄


Maybe the AI who reviewed these images is still learning.

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On 7/29/2020 at 10:24 AM, Travers Lewis said:

That explains why yesterday I submitted 3 photos, 2 were rejected within a couple of minutes whilst the other sat in the review cue for a few hours before being approved.

Yes because the rejects were done by the bots and the real reviews were done by humans.

I don't know why people can't understand, this isn't an all or none situation. Rejections, dupes, quality, flaws, all kinds of things, grammar check, are done by software. If the image passes that, then it goes to the next review, which could possibly be a human. Maybe some things do pass by machine as well. But there are still live humans doing reviewing.

This automation makes us more scalable to ingest more content at the top-of-funnel, improves our ability to reduce duplicated content as we expect – that we will allow us to be more nimble, with respect to tailoring the content and address the needs of the market. We have been working on this for some time, and I'm proud to see this technology begin to get implemented and drive results.

Ingest more material - reduce duplicate content. Begin to get implemented?

Jeff wasn't lying when he answered years ago. Also tailoring content would appear to mean, things they want, will get priority, maybe better placement by what the images are. Upload over produced, common, ordinary subjects or stock "stock" concepts and it's off to the dungeon. 🙂



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On 7/31/2020 at 7:39 AM, Thijs de Graaf said:

Today I uploaded some macro photos. I notice when the environment is slightly blurred while the insect is sharp on it, the photo is rejected in a few seconds. That sometimes happened during the time that we asked Jeff if they were being reviewed by people. Then they were already experimenting with it. That is clear. It often worked if you uploaded the photos again afterwards. In any case, I do not feel like that for those few cents, while it is already on other stock sites.
For example, this beetle approved on Alamy and Adobe: Phyllopertha horticola

Yes, that's where a human view, understands focus on the subject. I get the same when I have a flying bird and the bird is relatively sharp but the background is definitely blurred. Sometimes depth of field shots will get rejected for focus when the main subject, like your example, is perfectly fine. I've lost my energy to upload and fight this, especially marginal rejections, where I don't care that much, and how hard should I work for 10¢?


Generally if the front focus is clear, they don't reject for back focus naturally being soft. Back wing is over the edge.

I am a hobbyist shooter, so not the same as some people who might be fighting for all they can earn.

I get an idea, I work on that until I get an image or two that will make the personal quality and standards, I upload. Then I get another idea, I work on that, until I get something I like... I seldom have more than one or two of an idea, except the editorial of course. 10 photos of pizza (over ten years) and 20 something that include eggs in some way, (also over ten years) those are probably the highest. Over 4,390 of my 5,000 images are Editorial. Do the math, I only have 610 stock images, that aren't Editorial, that's not much. But if I would have submitted 20 of every shoot, I'd have a pretty number, 12,200 but no more downloads because I only upload the best. Some of those best are questionable? 🤓

I wonder about resubmit if there's something that, previously submitted button, might direct the beetle image to a human? I don't use that, but just wondering?

There is a give and take. Rejected by Adobe, lighting, blurred, accepted here:


The farm machine is moving in a field, at Sunset.

I also have accepted at other places, rejected here, but have had some accepted here, and rejected for various reasons at others.

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Well... Every day is a new day... Today I had 6 out of 8 images of paintings rejected. Basically the nice ones did not make it through the gate. 🤨

I am done uploading now, like many others (tantrum) !! 😡 

O.k. - tantrum over - not worth it 😄





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