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David CJ

When you Level up you actually lose?

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I wanted to know if someone else is experiencing this.

I started at level 1 as everyone else. I was having very steady daily sales of 0.1$  and more on demand than usual.

On 17th this month I got an e-mail saying that I had leveled up.

I haven´t sold a thing since then. I was thinking maybe they give priority to profiles of lower levels that get lower commissions so they can keep more money. It sounds bad but...seeing the direction this is taking I would not be surprised. Or maybe I am having a bad second half of the month, but 0 sales for 2 weeks...that never happened before.

Anyone else noticed a drecrease of sales after leveling up?





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No, I leveled up (Level 3) at the beginning of this month and downloads are about the same. Not much difference in the value of subs, but definitely get more for ODDs.

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