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Shutterstock please fix the FORUM malfunction!

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My gosh, it worked. It wasn't straight forward to disable Javascript (instructions weren't good.)

Yes, I also think that this was a deliberate move by SS to disable the forums. I believe we'll only be able to post freely on the weekend when the site maintenance people are away. When it's back to the working week, I'm betting they'll fix it so that we can no longer post. So everybody - enjoy it while you can.

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Just in case, Firefox:

Open a new Firefox tab and enter about:config on its address bar.

You will be shown a warning message. That is nothing to worry about, click on I’ll be careful button.

The about:config screen will appear. Click Show All

Now, start searching for preferences. (find Javascript it's an Alpha list) "javascript.enabled" the first one, the only one you need to adjust.

Toggle... Change the value to False

Reload the forum that's open in the other tab

Post to the forum

Then change the javascript.enabled back to TRUE which is Javascript enabled and working as usual, the default setting for Firefox.


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If you go Pete's route (HodagMedia), and you get to the "search", just type in Java and a "javascript.enabled" should pop up on the list (for me it's 2nd from top), then toggle the button on far right to change it from true to false.

Refresh your forum window, and you can post. When you're done, if you were smart and left the search window open, you can now toggle again to make the javascript.enabled "true".
Then refresh your other window(s) again.

If you're running tabbed browsing, you can have the search window on one of the tabs for quick access and toggle. You can even pin the tab so it's always there when you open the browser.

Having the value set at "false" will mess up your other web browsing, so you're better off keeping it "true", so don't forget to change it!

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Bumping this thread so hopefully it will be seen by admin, but also to share this link showing how to disable javascript in different browsers. Might be helpful to some until this gets sorted out.

Edit: Just realised it's not Monday morning in NY for another 5 hours yet, doh!

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47 minutes ago, Sari ONeal said:

I mean, Rudy is so sad, but what can I say....



Nah.. I am Okay. lol. The forums are a nice distraction. Maybe I should rejoin the Hummer thread (again) I was the first person to reply to the OP there. Paul asked something about hummingbirds and I told him to ask Kelly. Then you jumped in with Hey! What about me? .....  and the rest is history. (at least that's how I remember it lol) 

olemme kaikki ystäviä täällä!

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